Folks it’s time we take our planet back from governments that have lost their way! How many times has the American militia used false pretences for war?! Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, and now Syria. Enough is enough! Time to boycott all countries involved! Start today! Fight for peace and humanity vs war and death! NO MORE WAR!

Please pay close attention to the timing of this illegal war crime! Syria civil war has just been completed. Why would Assad (elected by Syrians) attack his own people? America knew that if it wanted to control Syria gas and oil the time was now to use gas to blame on Assad and destroy the evidence before UNSC can provide evidence the US is guilty!

Now watch Russia retaliate by hitting Israel.

Stay tuned!

By Kyle McGuffin


The National Rifle Association has to live with the stain of these young innocent children’s death’s on their watch. We must stop this senseless destruction of life. If humanity has access to destruction we will eventually use it. When do we acknowledge this fact and stop killing ourselves on this planet. We wanted a reason to end this nonsense of the right to bear arms? We now have many reasons! Enough! As usual we must come together and become one voice to end guns so this unthinkable tragedy never happens again.

By Kyle McGuffin

So the truth is out. We finally know how a rebellious teenager was dragged through the correctional system looking for answers and was given straight jackets and isolation.

Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen to a fellow human being. How many more times does this have to take place before we revamp our entire broken process? Let’s stop concealing and start the communications to enable rehabilitation not promote suicide.

Enough of these old tactics and start leading with support not force. The life of this young girl is on all of our conscience. This behavior must stop. Time to be proactive and fix this broken judicial process!

Make it a great day!


Kyle McGuffin

I see a trend happening in our world.

Do you?

We are starting to expect super hero behavior from a human being. How can we expect people to achieve these super human levels? From athletes, actors, to every day people why do we keep setting ourselves up for failure? Is it because our current state in our own lives are that bleak? What ever our reason we must stop these destructive behaviors.

We have reached a Plateau that we want these super human results at all costs. Meaning drugs are part of the equation. Should we blame Lance Armstrong for wanting to win so badly he beat the system? Every Canadian remembers the day Ben Johnson won gold over Carl Lewis! Where is Ben now?

Or do we replace the system?

Easy to point the finger at Lance. But is that the answer?

As a former Jr. National soccer player and NCAA division one soccer player who had three knee surgeries in 10 months I saw my professional dreams disappear right before my eyes. Did I want to take or do what ever it took to play? Of course soccer is one of my passions in life.

As a society I believe we have hit a plateau that we must face head on and stop the blame game. The money we pay professional players is way beyond the value the experience brings. Not the players fault. The training and dedication to achieve these results are the core values that we teach our children. Have dreams make goals and if you believe in something with passion and perseverance anything is possible.

Look at the current NHL situation!

Billionaires vs millionaires who is going to lose = fan

At the end of the day we must all look into the mirror and ask ourselves what is life about? Love or Money? Can and should we want/have both? Let’s stop blaming and start leading!

By Kyle McGuffin

ImageLet’s start having real relationships with our customers. We have never had a more connected world with the tools to gather and harvest exactly what our customers are looking for and when they want these goods and services. However, we seem to be stuck or lazy in what needs to take place.


Let’s look at three areas that need drastic improvement.


Website – We all raced out to get our domain name registered and overnight a multi million dollar business began. So now we have our site what’s next? Does our site bring immediate value providing answers to what your customers want to know?  Our you providing quality pictures to what you want to share knowing 80% of people are visual. Most websites to this day are all text. NO GOOD! Is there a cal to action that will allow a potential customer to become more engaged i.e. newsletter, like a fan page, follow on Twitter. Actually ask what more you can provide to your potential customer. We have no time to guess. Nor should you be.


Analytics – Knowing who clicks on what and where people our going on your site is critical in providing the right answer at the right time. This is your gold. Yet most companies have the summer student sticking in reports and saving for the day that your business fails to look at.. WAKE UP! Pay attention to all your analytics. Your customers are sharing everything you need to know.


Relationship Building – Now more that ever we can have real dialogues with our products and services however, today this is not really happening. Why? Could it be, we are not setup for this dialogue that is imperative to create loyalty and solidifying relationships?


The environment is in place. Social media channels are allowing for always on conversations. So what are you waiting for? Make it happen today!


By Kyle McGuffin



1.     The human race; human beings collectively.

2.     The fact or condition of being human; human nature.

In 1995, I graduated and wanted to build a career in technology because I could see that this industry was going to assist humanity in making the world a better place. I started to see a trend of many people in my network starting to leverage the power of information at their finger tips. I started to notice people sharing their opinions with others, share what they cared about and what they thought. This was brilliant! Finally, people were seeing that they had a voice. With the power of the web, we can reach the world with one click of the button.

 The web began in 1969, during the cold war. Look how far we have come that in 2011, we have empowered people to take back their countries from dictatorships. We have changed the world by allowing anyone on the planet to learn and discover anything at any time at any place. Incredible!

The best part, we have just scratched the surface. As being human, we have two major elements that drive our existence: Love and Fear. Unfortunately, look at the foundation of humanity that we build our lives around. For me, I see three main pillars. First, we have our spiritual side or our belief system. Second we have our survival system which starts with food and water. Third we have the desire to collaborate and gather with others and share that we build our foundations on: family, faith, education, food and water.

We must not continue this revolution and face the fears of the old world straight on. Our world needs change and we have the ability to make it happen. So if you are not interested in having true freedom globally then please stand aside and let the people that care make this happen. We realize that 80% of the people will follow along. We have started to use the name “Sheeple” for this type of person. Please do not let your fear and old ways interfere with the work and challenges that lie ahead for the rest of us and the future of our children and their children.

Like in any structure we must build from the bottom up. If we look at our current structure this is not the case. We have a political system that has ignored the ability to oust politicians that do not deliver on their promises. We have an educational system that focuses on memory not on dreams and goals. We have a health system that does not want us healthy but addicted to pharmaceuticals that make us sick and dependent. We have a legal system that loves to delay due process and suck money from the poor. We throw people in prisons when we know that treatments will make these people find themselves and inspire them to follow their dreams and goals. We will no longer accept the statement, “That’s just the way it is. The system is broken but that’s all we have.” Do you really believe that is it? We give up hope after great leaders like Martin Luther King have had the courage to stand up for what’s right. We must always stand up to anyone that feels that they are entitled to more than the people.  No one is above the people and we must not tolerate a society that tries to propel themselves above the people.

We have secret societies and some of them want to control the world and us. Be aware of these groups. We always have a choice and we always have a voice. Like in anything it starts with a dream that we turn into a goal. If we know every morning what our goal is for the day you will achieve it. For me I like to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it with me all the time. Why? Because, in life we have obstacles that allow us to become stronger as we work to overcome the challenges in front of us. When we overcome the challenge or fear we achieve our goal. This is our purpose. Having dreams and then stopping at nothing to achieve them.

So let me share with you my current goals and what’s written down on my piece of paper.

1.    A world that focuses on LOVE!

2.    A world that focuses on saving the planet from destruction.

3.    A world that does not live in fear but in Peace!

The last time I was so focused on achieving my dream was when I decided I was going to play for my country in soccer.

Do you know what happened? My dream became reality.

The next dream I had was to play on a soccer scholarship because my family could not afford it.

Do you know what happened? My dream became reality.

The next dream I had was building a house that had property to put soccer fields on the property to teach and share my passion with the neighbourhood.

Do you know what happened? My dream became reality.

So now throughout many circumstances I have lost all of those material things and now I get to focus on my goals above.

We know that our current direction and our current focus is not what life is about. It’s not about material things or how much money we have. It’s about love and giving to everyone that needs something on this planet.

Join the movement for change and a local Torontogroup Collective Evolution has created some amazing documentaries that would appreciate your support.

You always have a choice. Let’s choose to make this planet the safest place to raise our family and truly grow by sharing and caring for all living things on our planet.

By Kyle McGuffin

In life we know that we will have few guarantees. The one we do not like to think about but have reminders all the time is death. We know we are not immortal. Eventually we will die. Not something we like to think about. We also know that life has highs, lows, and brings barriers that will need to be overcome in achieving our goals and dreams. We have barriers to entry for markets. We have barriers with customer acceptance and expectations. We have barriers in our relationships that we need to overcome. The person that said no the first time you mustered the courage to ask them out. That was an experience that you will never forget good or bad. When we harness experiences and lessons learned we can overcome all obstacles. We have many experiences like first kiss, first date, first car, first deal you closed. All of these experiences allow us to develop and achieve our goals and dreams. When we are striving to achieve our goals we will face obstacles that will challenge us to think outside our comfort zone. These times will bring the best out of us.

As a human being we do not like change. We like repetition because we do not like to think. When we think about something we will usually have to make choices. Exactly why we love TV! Find the remote and veg away. No questions asked and the only thing you need to think about is what you want to watch or if you can hold it to the next commercial. When we make a choice we are exposed to risk. Think about your corporate experience and how easy it was for your middle manager to approve your expense report…..LOL! It was like asking for them to sign their life away. A risk exposes us to possible failure. We do not like failure. We like to make easy choices and the best decisions we love to make “no brainers.” So if you have a product or service be extremely critical and ask the question, have we made this product or service a “no brainer” for purchase? If you have, the numbers will speak for themselves. If you have not, this is the good news. Today you can quickly make changes and test again. In fact you should never stop testing and analyzing your customer experiences to ensure every experience is the best one your product or service can provide.

The next time you hit an obstacle on your journey in achieving your goals have no fear but embrace it. You are growing!

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin